So I was wondering why this really minor boring post was getting so many reblogs:

And apparently it’s because after a while some jokers started reblogging it while changing the original message? So the appearance to the casual tumblr user scrolling through their feed is that I made a dumb…

Mr. Andrew Hussie makes a number of good points here, particularly that it is Tumblr to blame, not the trolls stirred up some mistchif.

This Blog entry of his however brought up some other issues as well that have been bothering me. You see, I was unawares that many peoples blogs were entirely just reblogs of other peoples work, because for a long time I only followed other artists. When I began following people I knew, I was overwhelmed by the flood of Dr. Who and other excellent shows that were being beaten to death with a broomstick. I’ve discovered my Google+ stream has as well be overwhelmed by this, and my have to unfollow these people, simple because for every 1 post they have I want to see, there are 10 I don’t.

I joined Tumblr after seeing comic artists I loved such as Aaron Diaz, Yuko Ota, and Evan Dahm, use it. I was amazed at how simple it was to make a clean, easy to read and use blog. The blog had long since become a maintanence log, or planned update anouncement, and never really fulfilled the idea of a blog, nor did I want it to.

To me, Tumblr was this place full of incredible content, packaged in snazzy skins.
Now, I see that Tumblr IS indeed turning into a cesspool of unoriginality. I realize I am late to the party understanding this, but there was a time where I checked my  Dashboard, and was greeted with comic tips Scott McCloud told people to read, essays on world building, and an overwhelming number of beautiful artworks, unaffected by the popularity contest on Deviant Art.

And That was MY Tumblr. The amazing part was that Tumblr could be whatever you wanted it to be. All these artists are still here, but have used Tumblr less and less for anything of interest.

I hope to continue using my Blog for the purposes of my artwork, and push myself to post my thoughts here in essay format.

Despite all, I love the reblogging nature of Tumblr, and how it naturally can lead you to more content of interest, when not abused.

I am glad to have seen this post by Mr. Hussie, as it may have both saved my use of Tumblr, and encouraged me to post more content I myself would want to read. I am rather unhappy with how many of my posts are about comic updates, where they should be secondary here.