Last year, I picked up the idea of making a speed painting on my birthday.


Depressing Birthday 22
Well, I’ll let you decide.

I had no intention of making a habit of these speed paintings; at the time I had trouble thinking much of anything. But then my 23rd birthday came rolling around, and it seemed imperative to make a new one.

Ambient Birthday 23
You may notice a slight difference in tone.

I should stress that these pictures are by me, for me. So don’t stress if some of the symbolism and meanings are less obvious than others.

The staggering difference in these two pictures is indicative of a significant change in my character and life over the past year. My goals are the same, and you can expect nothing less than a greater flow of passionate comics from Bazzelwaki.
Thus, I am the same person that reached out and pulled Something Under the Bed is Drooling from the highest shelf when they were seven, and also completely different from the person that wanted to destroy themselves a year ago.

We all have life changing stories to tell, and none of them are boring. That said, I won’t be boring you with mine today. It is enough to say that I have grown more in the past year, than I did throughout four years of college. I say that, knowing I grew more as a person in college, than I did in eighteen years of living.

I can only hope this exponential growth does not overwhelm me in the next few months.

So, here I stand, at the cusp of another year. I’m on my feet, and walking forward. Regardless of who I have for help, the march is mine to make, and never again will I hide from it.

Nothing can stop you